046 Iron Giant

046 Iron Giant

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With the “Holy Grail of Pop Culture” in theaters now, and the lovable metallic being playing a large role in the marketing for the film, we figured it was time to sit down and watch the film that has garnered a solid cult following: Iron Giant.

For a more detailed episode description we talked about:

  • Ben struggles over how to start this podcast, and the cat finds away to get us to talk about him
  • Ready Player One and Ben continues to stumble over himself with the various Bird-men out there
  • our menu for this film with the connective tissue of the vitamin Iron
  • it takes a little bit to get there but we eventually talk about Iron giant and the themes it lays on pretty heavily and to great effect
  •  André dives into his thoughts about the film as someone who was worried about it considering it was a “kids film”
  • the films small moments of impact that are no easy to pull off, but are effective when executed well
  • our drinking rules for the film
  • which leads us into the our respective moments where we recognized Vin Diesel as a worthwhile actor for the role
  • Ben gets up on his soap box and tells you why Mission Impossible is the franchise that shouldn’t be as good as it is today
  • We wrap up with some films we have been watching and our quick thoughts on them


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(Recorded on February 11, 2018)

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