045 Demolition Man

045 Demolition Man

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We finally get around to watching Demolition Man, a film that we have been planning to do for years, and that means it is time to talk a knitting Sylvester Stallone, an absolutely peppy Sandra Bullock, and a chilling and great Wesley Snipes.

For a more detailed episode description we talked about:

  • The sheer quantity of known actors in this film, and all of the wondrous films they have gone on to star in.
  • The drinking rules, which are a doozy this time around
  • Our confusion about how Sylvester Stallone because “a thing”
  • Ben completely talks out his ass about Sylvester Stallone’s acting career and Action films of the 80s
  • We compare Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson and Stallone, and if one of them is better
  • A highlight of the film for us, the score and the zany nature of it
  • Our overall thoughts on the Demolition Man, and our conflicted thoughts on it
  • We dive into the politics of the film and whether or not it fully speaks with a unified voice
  • How the film imagined future technology and what it got right and wrong
  • We try to decipher how the three shells are used in the film in a segment called: The Three Shell Problem
  • Finally, we figure out how the franchise wars were won


(Recorded on February 11, 2018)

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