044 Twilight

044 Twilight

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And for our first official post of 2018 we gathered around, reminisced about vampires and werewolves and recorded it in podcast form about the “wonderful” film: Twilight. We are just absolutely “gushing” over how great this movie is, and the impressions it left upon us. GO TEAM JACOB!!!

For a more detailed episode description we talked about:

  • The long storied history of twilight films and the rich cinematic history they encompass
  • Our drinking rules for this film which featured a type of synergy not normally found in our rules
  • We quickly air our grievances about this very bad film, just to feel satisfied about breaking this film down a little bit before talking about the story itself
  • What we loved, which is we struggle to come up with some solid options. That is on the film, not us.
  • The symbolism of the apple on the front cover.
  • We dive into the question that is on all of your minds “why are vampires sexy?” Which is a topic we are most definitely the best people to talk about.
  • What groups does Twilight appeal to and why does it appeal to those groups?
  • The reasons why we are enthusiastically Team Jacob.
  • Who was the better character Bella or Edward?
  • Who was the better actor Kristin or Robert?
  • We get a low down from a Vampire Sexpert, Leanna, on the ins and outs of Vampire Sex.
  • And after that things just kind of devolve into hysterics.


(Recorded on January 27, 2018)

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