035 The Goonies

035 The Goonies

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This week on the Munch podcast we follow a group of friends on a hunt for treasure and adulthood, that is right we are watching The Goonies.
In this episode we talk about:

  • The concept for our food and the reasons for why we chose it, and some of the concepts we killed
  • The notes Leanna took during the film that takes to all sorts of places
  • The surprise opening of the film which made us all wonder which audience this was for
  • The highlights and lowlights of the rag tag group of kids
  • That gag with the statue of David
  • The number of shits that were uttered in this film
  • Just how bad Mouth is, again
  • The effectiveness of swearing in comedy
  • All of the great lines Mikey has
  • how weird this film was
  • and we spend an extended time unpacking some of the more interesting phrases the film had to offer


(Recorded on September 25, 2017)

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