036 Blade Runner

036 Blade Runner

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Another episode of the Munch Podcast this time for the Tech Noir classic: Blade Runner. This is all of our first watching this film and we get into the themes and general feeling behind the film that has inspired so many other forms of media

A more detailed account of the episodes goes as follows:

  • We talk about the menu we developed for this film and the the corrections we made to the films monolithic view of asian culture.
  • We dive right into the core tension in the film, as popularized by pop culture, about whether or not Deckard is a replicant.
  • The quality of the effects in the film and how well they have stood the test of time.
  • The aesthetic of the film and how it has inspired so many other films, while also being a column of a larger genre.
  • We talk about André’s recent dive in a whole variety of Cyberpunk media, and the larger themes that play in that space.
  • Which flows us into the themes in Noir media and how Deckard fits that role so well.
  • How in a variety of Sci-Fi media AI is often a imperfect stand in for conversation about injustices within civil rights.
  • We briefly come up with fun answers to the question “What makes a human being?”
  • We then talk about the short films that were released prior to Blade Runner 2049 in preparation for our viewing experience of the upcoming sequel.
  • We the drop some theories on what happens in Blade Runner 2049 before getting extremely off track.
  • We close out with Fast and Furious Corner to dish on all of the drama in the FF world.


(Recorded on October 7, 2017)

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