033 Magic Mike XXL

033 Magic Mike XXL

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The last entry for Magic Month, the appropriately titled Magic Mike XXL, is a wonder to behold and we have a wonderful time talking through all of it and our inspiration for the menu. Our menu gives us plenty of time to talk about which Harry Potter book would make the best porno, and what kind of strip club we imagine our food would be appearing at. Naturally, it would be in Portland, but the rest of our concept strip club is what would be described as a “Journey.” We talk about experiences with strip clubs, and how most have not been a positive experience as well as some of the horrible names of Seattle-based strip clubs. We transition from there to talk about the movie at large, a movie which we were all surprised by, for being an inclusive and joyful Bro Road Trip film. We were taken by the variety of characters in the film and how they interacted with each other over the course of the film. In addition, the film tows a tight line between comedy and drama while being wrapped up in a Bromance film. We talk about how the film shows its sex positivity, and how it does so in a cute and endearing way that had us all gushing over a single scene. From there we roll into how much we loved the film and how that was at odds with the audience and critical reactions to the film. And then we imagine the managerial scenarios and how the dance scenes were choreographed, quite a feat for any film. And with that Magic Month comes to an end with an explosive finish. Thank you for joining us on this journey, we look forward to

(Recorded on July 3, 2017)

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