032 iTunes Roulette: Battle Los Angeles

032 iTunes Roulette: Battle Los Angeles

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Another podcast episode for Magic Month! Ignore the end film for this iTunes Roulette and focus on the magic connection of the starting film if you want to see how this fits into Magic Month. Also heads up on this podcast it is a doozy as we take a different approach to recording it by giving ourselves the time of a commercial break to talk about the film and our live reactions as we watch Battle Los Angeles. As for the movie itself, we talk about the dog named Glenn in this film that we were all smitten with, we talk about how this film was most likely sponsored by the Marines, and our general exasperation about literally everything happening in this film. From there we find our way to Scientology, being that Michael Peña appears in the film, and how Battle Los Angeles is all just one ad for Scientology. We search high and low for a good review and are surprised at how negative it is when we find it. We try to remember the names of the characters in the film, and if we have purchased something worse than Battle Los Angeles. We wrap up our talk on the movie with our least favorite, and favorite moments in the film. Thank you for joining us on another episode of the Munch Podcast.

(Recorded on July 26, 2017)

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