031 The Prestige

031 The Prestige

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For our second major magic post for Magic Month we dive into the mysterious and wonderful The Prestige filled to the brim with superhero actors aided on by Mariah Wyatt, André’s Sister. You have Black Widow, Batman, Alfred, and Wolverine, all together in a film about magic. We talk about the magic trick we craft over the course of our menu all hitting on the three parts of a magic trick. We pull back the curtain on the plot and ending of The Prestige and a couple of alternate ideas for how the movie could have ended. We talk about how the magic trick is given away to the keen eye in the first couple minutes, but only truly makes sense in this end. We talk briefly about if the films and characters Christopher Nolan creates and if they are are a blueprint for his own ideas and pursuit of the film craft and understanding that his obsession could be dangerous. We talk about our favorite scenes, and what we loved about the film itself and then dive deep into spoiler-ville as we all glowingly talk about the film. Towards the end of the podcast we rank Christopher Nolan films for an official Munch Ranking which has some solid conversation about the impact Christopher Nolan films have had on us and cinema as a whole.

(Recorded on July 22, 2017)

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