030 Now You See Me

030 Now You See Me

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Magic Month! The month where we watch films that are all about that razzle dazzle, that wonderful witchery: Magic! To start us out on this month we have the star-studded film Now You See Me for our first podcast and post for Magic Month. The podcast starts out with a conversation about the food for this film and the variety of ways we pay homage to classic magic tricks like the Card Trick, the Saw Trick, and the element modern magicians love so much: fire. We set you up with the drinking rules for the entire Magic Month, which are as follows: Drink whenever magic happens, drink when you yourself are in awe, and finally when someone is skeptical of magic. From there it is all Now You See Me as we talk about Mark Ruffalo and how he wasn’t the greatest character in this film, and really had us all surprised, frustrated and the film was worse off because of it. From there we talk about the story inconsistencies, how we were never quite sure if the actors were on stage together, and the general confusion the movie creates in your mind. We talk about our favorite characters and the most impressive moment in the film. All of this leads into conversations about twists and how they can work in TV Shows but feel unwarranted in Movies. We then imagine a world where Now You See Me was a film that followed the Fast and Furious mold and who we would want in that film. And that wraps up our first podcast episode for Magic Month

(Recorded on July 1, 2017)

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