029 Spider-Man: Homecoming

029 Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Now that we were prepared for Spider-Man: Homecoming by watching a few of the previous entries, it was time to watch and talk about the new entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Spoilers galore in this one as we dive into all things Spider-Man: Homecoming: Plot, Villain, and larger impact on the MCU as a whole. We start out with differences between the Tom Holland Spider-Man and those of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. We talk about the highlights of this Spider-Man and how we all enjoyed his personification of the character and how in someways it is an amalgamation of the previous entries. It is hard to have a great superhero film without a great super villain so we talk about the Vulture and how Michael Keaton’s personal life and arc is referenced in the films he acts in. Talk about more of the specifics of the Vulture itself and the choices behind choosing that character and animal. We talk about 16 year olds, the balance between life and work for a superhero, and the course of Peter Parker as a character through the Spider-Man films. How the suit is largely different from the previous iterations of Spider-Man and how that is to the benefit of the movie itself. And we start to rank all of the entries into the Spider-Man franchise. And begin to close it out with which superhero film has been our favorite in 2017 and a game that Ben thought up called Spider-Man Villain or Stephen King Short Story. As always thank you for listening to our podcast and we would love it you could subscribe and review us on iTunes.


(Recorded on July 9, 2017)

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