027 iTunes Roulette: Iron Man

027 iTunes Roulette: Iron Man

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It has been a little bit since our last iTune Roulette, and things have changed a little bit with our game. We decided to take the killer format we had and simplify it a little bit to focus on the core of the game: picking the movie. André is the hat wearer this time around, and after starting out at the older film Tremors, he finds his way to Iron Man. We talk about how Iron Man, when it came out, felt like a ground change moment for Superhero films. Since then we have been ushered into an era where more than one superhero film in a year. We briefly talk about how weird it is that 6 spiderman films will have been released before Marvel even release a film with a woman-led superhero at the center of it. We transition to conversation about superhero films at large, the length of the newest Transformers film, and how you have to physically and mentall prepare for a movie that closes in on the three hour mark. We transition back to Iron Man to talk about what Robert Downey Jr. is up to nowadays, and we take guesses as to which Superheros will die when Avengers: Infinity War finally comes out. We close out the podcast with going back to where we started: Kevin Bacon films. Ben created a game titled, Gaglines (the easy game to create, the fun game to play), where the other members of the munch crew have to decide what the movie is based on the tagline listed on IMDB. Spoiler Alert: Leanna is very good at this game. And that closes out this episode of iTunes Roulette.


(Recorded on June 19, 2017)

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