026 The Mummy

026 The Mummy

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The Mummy, the ultra-popular film, that was turned into a trilogy, that time forget, we watched it and made food for it and you can now hear our thoughts. To start it all off we ponder the choice to name the new The Mummy film the exact same name leading to difficulty when searching for the original, we also wonder whether the new The Mummy film is a reboot or a sequel of sorts. From there we jump into the mummy-inspired menu that includes a variety of pickled vegetables and fruit to mimic the canopic jars of ancient Egypt. For the entree, we roasted some delicious marrow bones and spread it across the toasted bread, and for dessert, we had mummified honey pears, which are really just poached pears with a puff pastry wrapping. This wouldn’t be munch without a drink so we talk about Blood and Sand the scotch based cocktail that we paired with a pyramid ice cube. After wrapping up the food we continue on to the movie itself and in a round about way talk about: the role Nicolas Cage had in the film and how it was a shining light for Leanna and Ben, how the goofiness of Brendan Fraser helped the film, and how the two of them interacted over the course of The Mummy. We reminsce about George of the Jungle having no idea whether or not it holds up in the modern day. We talk about the 90-minute munch rating system, the type of woman that typical falls in love with Brendan Fraser in his films, and how there really isn’t a lot to say about The Mummy beyond it feeling like a typical late 90s film. From We transition to talk about the new Tom Cruise-led Mummy film, and extended universes in general. Through out all of this you can tell we have an impeccable memory of movies and the actors that appear in them. We imagine what The Mummy would have been like if it was rated R, and what was ultimately Brendan Fraser’s fall from grace. And with that we close out with a fun little bit inspired by what happens when the wrong trailer gets uploaded for The Mummy, and then wish you good day.


(Recorded on June 7, 2017)

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