049 Ocean’s Eleven

049 Ocean’s Eleven

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We could not be more excited for the upcoming Ocean’s Eight so to wet our appetites we fired up the remake of the original Ocean’s 11. Directed by Steven Soderbergh in 2001, Ocean’s Eleven brought together a stacked roster of a whole bunch of male (there are like only two speaking roles for women) actors to attempt a heist of two Vegas casinos, what ensues is fun, fast and very entertaining.

For a more detailed episode description we talked about:

  • The potential for the truly “biggest crossover in cinematic history”
  • Very specifically talking about the specifics of our heist-specific food
  • Our drinking rules for the film
  • The myriad of actors who are known for their ability to get it in “one take”
  • The ultimate reveal of the film and why it works so well in Ocean’s Eleven and doesn’t quite work in Now You See Me
  • Just how great Fast Five is as a heist film in the framework of Ocean’s Eleven
  • How everyone is effortlessly cool and how the conversations the characters have builds off an unspoken history between characters
  • Don Cheadle and his improv ways in this film
  • Our feelings on the almost entirely male cast of Ocean’s Eleven
  • The Ocean’s Eleven that could have been with the Ewan McGregor, Mark Wahlberg and more in talks to star in this film
  • Finally, we close out with a spoiler-filled conversation about Solo and Deadpool 2


(Recorded on May 29, 2018)

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