040 Legally Blonde

040 Legally Blonde

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It is Leanna’s Birthday! That means another episode of our Birthday Super Munch series and this time it is for the pink-tinged film: Legally Blonde. We had a wonderful time watching this film and was a perfect fun romp for a birthday celebration.

For a more detailed episode description we talked about:

  • Leanna’s history with Legally Blonde
  • A detailed description of Leanna’s dance routine paired with a song in Legally Blonde
  • About revisiting films from our youth and how they don’t always hold up
  • Our food pairing for the film
  • Our drinking rules, and just how great Bruiser was in the film
  • The insanity of Legally Blonde 2
  • The different forms friendship and support between women take in the film
  • Despite the film representing a privileged white perspective, we talk about the importance of representation
  • Our favorite looks in the film
  • Having a live session of creating a Boomerang in audio form
  • which Wilson Brother is the better Wilson actor in a segment called “Which Wilson?”
  • reminiscing about our time on the blog
  • what 27 holds for Leanna


Join us next time as we talk about Jumanji in anticipation of the sequel coming out.

(Recorded on November 11, 2017)

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