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039 Clue

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We are kicking off a new series here at Munch dedicated to one of our favorite pastimes: Board Games! Up first is the multi-ending film, Clue! We have been wanting to watch this film for sometime given the somewhat cult like nature around it and the fact that they actually shipped it with different endings depending on what theater you went to. We love that idea and we had to find if the film was actually worth it.

For a more detailed episode description we talked about:

  • We set you up with what the Tabletop Series is all about and our intentions behind it and dive into our color themed menu for Clue
  • Which leads us to our first complaint about the film
  • We talk about the clues in the movie Clue and whether or not it was a good drinking rule for us to drink for clues
  • We talk through the endings of the film, and which ones we actually felt were an appropriate ending to the film
  • We talk about whether or not a film with multiple endings would work in the time social media
  • “that mess with my mind… is good”
  • André calls out Lost for a bad ending
  • And we talk about how multiple endings would work for some of your favorite TV shows
  • We transition back to our thoughts and complaints of Clue, and we are all pretty positive about it
  • We talk through which other board games we would love to see turned into movies
  • “I reach all the waaaaay over here and I eat your power.” -Daniel Day Lewis supposedly
  • We wrap back around for some final thoughts on Clue.

See you next time for our thoughts on the film Legally Blonde.

(Recorded on November 4, 2017)

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