02 Apr

Fast & Furious 6

We want to be honest with you, we don’t actually know what we are doing with Munch. We are making up everything as we go, so as we approached the birth date of one of the members of Munch, we figured why not play into that, and let the birth child decide the menu for the closest appropriate post. Now that you have the in-depth back story to what we will call Birthday Super Munch (copyright pending), we would like to present André’s Birthday Super Munch.

Are you sick of these yet? We watched ANOTHER Fast & Furious movie this week in preparation for the big one: Furious 7, in theaters tomorrow (April 3, 2015)! Anyone want to take a guess what our next post will be?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Today is all about remembering Fast & Furious 6, otherwise known as “the London one where lots of people jump out of moving cars and there is a tank in it or something.” We decided to call back to the original Fast & Furious with a diner-inspired meal.

The Meal

The star of our dinner was the patty melt, just like you would get in a seedy LA diner, except that our patty melt featured ground beef from Rain Shadow Meats, Beecher’s Flagship cheese, and a homemade garlic aioli. All of the elements come together wonderfully to make a thick, greasy, and tasty patty melt. Is your mouth watering yet? If you want to make a patty melt of your very own, check out our recipe on kitchenbowl. We walk you through how to make it with plenty of pretty pictures. Just search for “patty melt.”

We accompanied the patty melt with a wedge salad and homemade ranch dressing. The crisp salad complimented the hot mess that was the patty melt. It also made us feel healthy as we simultaneously stuffed our faces with beef and cheese.

The Drinks

We hearkened back to the early Fast & Furious movies and their bountiful use of NOS by making drinks featuring NOS the energy drink that may or may not be the same thing that the Fast crew pumps into their engines to make ‘em go real fast. We called these drinks Nostails, and they tasted surprisingly good and sweet. Really sweet.

We started off by mixing up some Nosberry Daquiris, using frozen strawberries and raspberries, white rum, and the original NOS. These started out tasting good then delivered a roundhouse kick to the tastebuds after settling on your tongue. Even if you are not a fan of energy drinks, these are something special.

Next up, the wonderful Noscow Mule, which features citrus NOS, vodka, and fresh lime juice. Served in a copper mug, you can almost fool yourself into thinking you’re drinking a proper Moscow Mule. Almost.

Finally, we made Champagne Nostails, using champagne and a splash of the original NOS. These were… Well, let’s just say that out of the three drinks we made, this was the only one I (André) can guarantee that I would never drink again. They looked nice though!

The Rules

  1. Drink when one of the guys forgets his sleeves at home.
  2. Drink when Roman makes a joke or is the butt of a joke.
  3. Take a sad drink when someone settles a dispute with a gun instead of a car.

The Movie

Furious 6 remembers its roots, and that’s a good thing. The movie opens with a montage of the best moments from the first 5 movies, as well as Vin Diesel’s short film, which we thought was a nice touch seeing as how we are those people who tracked that film down on the Internet and watched it. Then, after like 60 seconds or less of exposition, we jump right in to the first action scene. Oh, and on that note, jumping is a huge part of Furious 6. So many dudes jump out of moving cars, it’s ridiculous. The first instance is when Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) jumps out of his car on the freeway onto another car on the road roughly 30 feet below him. It was awesome, and it really set the tone for the rest of the movie.

Hobbs recruits the usual gang to take down this bad dude named Shaw because he wants to kill technology to start total anarchy or something like that. As lovers of the franchise we have come to accept that we aren’t supposed to think too deeply about these details. Hobbs’ rookie sidekick comes up with a simple plan to catch the bad guy but as Hobbs points out, “Woman, you don’t just pick up Shaw like it’s the groceries!” So true, Hobbs. This man is a fountain of wisdom. Han may have his snacks, but Hobbs has his metaphors, and he isn’t afraid to share them with the group. The rest of the movie involves the gang taking down Shaw, and sure enough, it is nothing like picking up the groceries. Unless, of course, you regularly pick up groceries with a diverse group of friends family, crash a couple cars, get into at least two subway station fights on your way there, and then drive a car out of the nose of an airplane on your way back and did we mention the tank that tried to stop you on the way there? I don’t know what your grocery trips are like but mine usually involve a little less collateral damage.


We beg you to top this, Furious 7.

Fans who have been with the series are rewarded throughout the movie with plenty of flashbacks. Remember when Brian punched that cop in Furious 4? He punches that same cop again in this movie, breaking his nose. Remember Dom’s girl who died like 2 movies ago? She didn’t actually die, she ended up with amnesia and started working for a bad guy and needed Dom to race her and remind her of her roots and later prove his love to her in the most fantastic stunt of the entire series (looking at you to prove me wrong, Furious 7). Remember when Han died in Tokyo Drift? He really did die, and you have to watch that same painful car crash after the credits of Furious 6, except this time he shows the audience that Jason Statham intentionally crashed his car into Han! GET HYPED FOR FURIOUS 7!

Oh, and remember NOS? They bring NOS back. Way to keep it real, Furious 6.

We also need to say a proper goodbye to the family we lost in this installment of Fast and Furious. Understand that there will be some spoilers below so if you plan to watch this movie and are attached to the characters, tread lightly.


To Han, your wind-swept hair left even the gods jealous, and your penchant for snacking warmed our hearts. You were taken from us too soon, but we will always remember your cocky-yet-smart attitude and your laid back demeanor. If only we could all be a little more like Han. Dammit, Han, we told you not to go to Tokyo!

Next, we want to bid farewell to Giselle. We know you were only a minor character in this tight-knit family, but we wish we could have spent more time with you. You were quiet, yet bold, and while the director didn’t give you that much screen time to prove it, you could drive like the best of them. We’d like to think that your exit, though untimely, was done in true Giselle fashion. We only wish we were as brave as the girl who was willing to jump off of a moving car chasing an airplane so that she could fire two shots into the man that is trying to kill her boyfriend. That is the ultimate expression of love, right there.

We wish Giselle and Han could have ended up together because they truly made a wonderful couple. It was clear from the beginning, however, that both of you were not meant for this world. This earth is not enough for angels such as you. Farewell.

The Reviews

Andre: Over 9000 RPMs. This movie was the perfect balance of the high budget, star-studded later movies in the franchise and the no-frills street racing of the earlier movies. After watching six of these movies, I feel like I’m part of Dom’s family now, and I can’t wait to see where he takes us next.

Leanna: 95 miles per hour. How did I get here? I follow The Rock on Instagram, can talk Fast and Furious plot intricacies with my coworkers, and am caught speculating with the best of them about what’s next for the franchise. What can I say, but the insane stunts done by the entire crew mixed with a heartfelt theme of family spearheaded by Vin Diesel (of all people) all tied together by the code of street racing just works for me. Furious 6 really brought all of this together for me and then kicked it up several notches several times. I could see how anyone could potentially have fun watching it, but it really paid off to have seen the other films first, especially the short film by Vin. Bring on Furious 7!

Ben: This movie! I am not sure if it was the excess amount of sugar in my system but Fast and Furious 6 was heart-pounding! Talk about a wild ride. While structurally and from a story perspective it may not be my favorite in the series, Fast and Furious 6 has the best stunts in the series, bar none. Whether it is the Rock jumping off of a highway or Dom catapulting through the air Fast and Furious 6 has a way of making you think anything is possible. And just when you think the film is over, it has another trick up its sleeve. 85%.

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