043 iTunes Roulette: Kong: Skull Island

043 iTunes Roulette: Kong: Skull Island

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We have been itching to get another entry into our iTunes Roulette series in and we are back this time with Ben in the hot seat and a starting movie of xXx: Return of Xander Cage, which honestly we were all hoping I would find a way back to. Unfortunately, iTunes Roulette isn’t always so kind.

For a more detailed episode description we talked about:

  • We get a quick download on some tech questions you may have about the Apple TV
  • Ben is incredibly bummed that he can’t find a way back to xXx: Return of Xander Cage and finally chooses Kong: Skull Island
  • We talk about some of the great moments in the film that begins to provide an aesthetic and stylish center that was fun and enjoyable despite those moments being few and far between.
  • Ben continues to be surprised any time André goes to Starbucks
  • Leanna’s extensive Godzilla experience
  • André has a million dollar copyrighted idea that is sure to changing the cinematic landscape
  • We recast the film switch the male roles for a woman-led powerhouse of a film
  • We try to name Samuel L. Jackson films until someone taps out
  • We talk about upcoming films and the fatigue we are feeling with the superhero genre


(Recorded on January 13, 2018)

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