024 Moana

024 Moana

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Time continues to move forward whether we want it to or not and that means another BirthDay Super Munch. As we are celebrating André’s Birthday, he chose to watch the recent and much-loved animated film Moana, about a young girl who is chosen by the ocean to save her people from the encroaching natural destruction on the island. We have friends of the podcast Abbey and Signe, joining us on this voyage. Up first, is the ocean-inspired menu we made to be paired with this film in the form of a fish sauce salad dressing, line-caught ahi tuna, pudding made with seaweed, and a beach-inspired cocktail. While the cocktail itself was a little light on the alcohol, that worked out perfectly for our very tough drinking rules around tattoos, songs, and waves. Which leads us perfectly into our quick thoughts on the film where we briefly talk about Moana as a strong woman, the conservation message in the film, and how the middle of the film dragged and lost a lot of us along the way. From there we talk about how we were disappointed that Maui had his savior moment when there were a lot of other great characters that could have saved Moana from disaster as the film reached its end. So that we aren’t endlessly being harsh on the film we talk about our favorite moments and what we loved about the film, leading us to create our ideal Disneyland Moana ride that we all hope Disney contacts us as creative directors to make. From there we talk about whether Moana being added to the Disney Princess Canon goes against her actions of actively distancing herself from her “princess” heritage. From there Ben gets up on his soapbox to talk about the trend of realistic animation in animated films when you can be so much more expressive and creative. And with that, another episode is in the bag. As always, it is incredibly helpful for us if you rate, comment and subscribe. Good day!


(Recorded on March 19, 2017)

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