021 Munch Fast Week: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

021 Munch Fast Week: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

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We are closing in on the end of Munch Fast Week and we enlisted some help from some of our good friends Frances and Richard Chiem to help us cover one of the most divisive entries into the Fast and Furious Franchise: Tokyo Drift. We launch into discussion about why anyone would want to be on the podcast for this very specific episode, how so many people hate this film despite a growing number that are completely in love with this film, and then we talk about the memora-bility (I know that isn’t a real word but give me this, just this time!) of the Tokyo Drift soundtrack. From there, we hop into each of our Fast and Furious moments, how rough the crashes in the film were, how Han has a habit of taken troubled teens under his wing, and ultimately we pour one out for Han (we are all devastated by his loss). In this conversation we talk about how Han seems accepting of his death, how the significance of his death is even more powerful because of the later films, how Han being given a sexuality is powerful for an Asian-American actor, and how there isn’t another character like Han in cinema. As we round the final corner we talk about the differences in how the States and Japan are portrayed in the film, and how there isn’t quite a lot of evidence in this about Vin as a Terminator. We close the podcast out with Dad Watch and how the father in the film (Boswell Sr.) has a book casually titled “Straight Stuff,” and how he is a horrible, horrible dad. Tokyo Drift is such a good movie darn it!

(Recorded on April 9, 2017)

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