019 Munch Fast Week: Fast Five

019 Munch Fast Week: Fast Five

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This is episode 4 of our 7 part Munch Fast Week series where we reach some of the high points in the Fast and Furious Franchise with the Brazil-focused Fast Five. Friend of the podcast Nate Barnett joins us for some fun conversation and insight into someone who isn’t as deep into the franchise as the Munch Crew. Our Fast and Furious moments are filled with some great DRJ (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) moments, and stunts galore. Next, the terminator facts are stacking up as we hear a very clear metal-on-metal clank when Dom is hit over the head with a crow bar, and we check in with Nate on how convinced he is right now that Dom is a terminator. We say “welcome” to Hobbs, the dad of the film,

(Recorded on April 8, 2017)

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